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Product Description
Our Caribbean Coconut White Balsamic is truly unique. We have infused our wonderfully sweet, yet tart White balsamic vinegar with fantastic all natural coconut flavors. Marinate chicken in Harissa EVOO and Coconut White Balsamic and grill, brushing with more Coconut Balsamic to glaze, and serve over white rice for a Jamaican Chicken dinner recipe.

Notes: Truly transforms shrimp and scallops, excellent for fruit salads. Adds a cool sweetness to spicy dishes.

*Remarkable when paired with Organic Persian Lime or Roasted Onion and Cilantro Olive Oils, Excellent for Thai dishes and Curries

Product Reviews
Exotic Flavored Balsamic
This unusual balsamic has a lovely coconut flavor that works well with Indian, Caribbean and Polynesian dishes. It’s perfect for marinading shrimp or mixing into a fruited green salad. It’s even good straight from the spoon!

Tropical Taste Perfect for cooking
The tropical taste of this amazing balsamic makes so many dishes a perfect dish. I made a wonderful rice dish that was amazing, and my mind is already planning it’s next use

A Great Balsamic for the Summer Months!!!
This is an absolutely wonderful Balsamic!! It is so flavorable!!! The taste by itself is wonderful, and tasteful!!! I used it in a Coconut cake to give it even more of a flavor, but the possiblities would be endless!! I think it would be wonderful in a sorbet or even a pina colada!!

Tropical bliss in a balsamic
I couldn’t wait to try this! Balsamics shouldn’t be limited to vinaigrettes or glazes. When I was in Italy it was common to find strawberries and vanilla ice cream drizzled with balsamic cream. I’ve used balsamics to make fruit reduction sauces, so why not try it in sorbets? The flavor and bite of this balsamic was THE secret ingredient in my coconut pineapple sorbet.

The best vinegar I have ever had!
I first tried this in October, in the store.. and had to get a bottle! its amazing on salad! My boyfriend who lives in Norway loves it too! I had to get him a bottle too!!!!