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Product Description
A classic North African blend of hot piri piri chilies, serrano peppers, cumin, coriander, garlic. Excellent for marinating and grilling meats, on pizza and pasta dishes. If you aren’t afraid of a little heat, try combining our harissa extra virgin olive oil with jalapeno white balsamic, and for the more daring: our spicy serrano honey vinegar.

Product Reviews
I combine Harissa Olive Oil with wild salmon!! and some steamed veggies with italian sourdough bread. Glass a wine and this meal tasted so yummy!! with this amazingI Harissa Olive Oil ***** 5Stars

The Perfect Amount of Heat
Drizzled this over a bed of pasta with roasted tomatoes (which I coated in this EVOO before roasting), fresh basil, and toscano cheese and it was AMAZING. It gave the dish just the right kick it needed, and wasn’t only spicy but contributed warm and subtle garlic flavors to the dish. Hard to describe, but absolutely delicious. Never had anything like it, highly recommended!

Spice is just right. I really like this with the red apple balsamic. Great to dip bread in!

We love this Olive Oil!!
I combine Harissa Olive Oil with Fingerling Potatoes bake with parsley, salt & pepper. Makes a delicious side dish.

Dipping Oil wirh Italian Bread
I used Harrisa oil along with the Tuscan Herb oil and mixed in italian seasonings, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese. Just dip your bread and enjoy! The heat of the Harrisa was perfect! We love it!!

Harrisa Chicken
I use it along with Devo’s Garlic EVOO to pan fry chicken breasts. It addds that extra spiced up flavor! Great!!!!